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Program Evaluation Workplace Wellness Program and Employee Work Performance

One of the best ways to learn administrative research concepts is to apply them by conducting a research project. As we learned in Week 1 there are two phases involved in the research process. Phase 1 is developing a proposal to conduct research which would eventually need to be approved if it were to ever be executed. Phase 2 is to actually collect and analyze data and complete a final research report In this class you will apply the learning in a three-step process for developing a research proposal and each step will be graded, then updated, and built upon in subsequent steps. Each step is graded in the application of the research process and the development of a high quality administrative research proposal: • Select a suitable administrative research problem that will be the subject of your research emphasis • Prepare the front matter (title page & TOC) of a research proposal using CMU's prescribed format • STEP I: Write Chapter 1 Research Problem • STEP II: Update Chapter 1 + Write Chapter 2 Literature Review • STEP III: Update Chapter 1 + Update Chapter 2 + Write Chapter 3 Methodology & include appendix with draft transmittals & data collection instrument • Write the references section of a research proposal, using APA Style to format all works cited in each STEP of the proposal • Write a draft survey and cover letter to collect survey data as part of your data collection process • Write a draft set of structured interview questions and cover letter if you plan to conduct interviews as part of your data collection process Included below are the instructions for completing the Individual Research Proposal requirement for this class. Instructions: Week 2: Use the Week 2 Discussion Board to post an idea for your individual research topic that you will work on this semester: • Provide enough detail to educate the instructor on the specific administrative problem being studied. Be sure that the topic is not too broad based on what you learned in the Week 2 lecture and the text readings. Focus on a real problem that needs to be analyzed and/or fixed or an opportunity that is sufficiently focused that you can analyze it by reviewing literature and collecting data. • Provide a primary issue/question. • Provide the Independent & Dependent variables with a brief description as to their definition for the purposes of the proposed research; One is the Control Group and doesn't receive any of the IV. The Experimental Group gets a workplace wellness program and the results (work performance) are compared at the DV. The experimental group is exposed to the independent variable and the control group is exposed to the same experimental environment but is not given the treatment. The independent variable is manipulated to determine if it causes any change in behavior or conditions. The dependent variable is measured at the end of the experiment work performance. The audience that will benefit is employees, organizations, managers, and senior leadership. This relates to my MSA concentration leadership because it can be used if it enhances work performance and healthier employees. • Identify your audience for this research - it should be specific persons to whom recommendations can be made after the problem is studied, such as your employer's senior leadership or the manager of a local retail business. The audience must be specific and serve in a role where they can take action based on the results of the research. • Explain how your proposed topic(s) relates to your MSA Concentration. Week 3: Using the topic approved in Week 2, use the Research Proposal Template (see item below) to develop STEP I: the front matter (title page & TOC) and first chapter of your research proposal. Be sure to review the examples of Chapter 1 (see examples included below) in order to better understand what is required and ensure that your work is on a par with those examples before submitting the proposal for review & grading. Sources: Your chapter 1 should contain current & scholarly sources to support any and all assumptions, factual statements, etc., to add validity and credibility to each of the required sections of Chapter 1. Week 5 : It is time to submit the next iteration, STEP II, of your Individual Research Proposal. You MUST submit a complete proposal this week including front matter + Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 and the references section. This submission, like the first one, will be reviewed by the instructor and graded; feedback will be provided so that it can be incorporated into submissions due in coming weeks. Use the studies that you obtained last week and the information provided in the previous lectures and readings to write your Chapter 2. Be sure to review the provided examples of Chapter 2 to understand the requirements and ensure that your work is on a par with the examples before submitting the document for review. Sources: There should be one reference list provided in proper order and with proper identifying information using APA 6th edition (not prior versions of APA). Week 6 : It is time to write Chapter 3, provide draft transmittals and your data collection instruments (STEP III) and submit the next iteration of your individual research proposal. Use the planning work you did last week to write this chapter, draft transmittals and your data collection instruments.
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