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CREATED ON 30th November 2017
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Assessment/careplan for bipolar patient( Case scenerio)

Hi, Please make sure is a UK base assessment/essay , plagiarism free. havard reference not more than 5years(2012-2017). The power point is the solution to the scenerio which you can build the essay/care plan on and you can do further assessment I will provide you with sample of the essay but different diagnosis however the essay is the same. you can even use some of the references that is not more than 5years.(2012 to 2017)
Hi, Please make sure is a UK base assessment/essay , plagiarism free. havard reference not more than 5years(2012-2017). The power point is the solution to the scenerio which you can build the essay/care plan on and you can do further assessment I will provide you with sample of the essay but different diagnosis however the essay is the same.
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