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Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer in Architecture

1100 words essay (Plagiarism Free) in APA Format based in the conservation of energy and energy transfer in architecture. Write about technologies use in a house or building that conserve the energy like Passive solar design, double stud insulation, solar panels aimed at the sun, battery pack to store energy, large south facing windows, trees for shade during summer, and green roof. Please cite at least three example in correct format that talks about energy conservation in a house and then explain in your own words. Assignment due by Friday, December 2nd 2017 at 8:00 AM
1100 words essay (Plagiarism Free) in APA Format based in the conservation of energy and energy transfer in architecture. Write about technologies use in a house or building that conserve the energy like Passive solar design, double stud insulation, solar panels aimed at the sun, battery pack to store energy, large south facing windows, trees for shade during summer, and green roof. Please cite at least three example in correct format that talks about energy conservation in a house and then explain in your own words.
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