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Feminist Analysis on the show "How to Get Away with Murder".

Write a Feminist Analysis essay on the show. Attached is an example of what it could look like but please do not copy it off the example. Make it differently. I made an outline so there's an idea of how there are good examples of feminism on the show. How to Get Away with Murder created by Shonda Rhimes Outline Feminist Theory 1. Annalise Keating is a strong character and all the other women on the show are also strong characters. 2. This show is very diverse. Not only is there a predominantly female cast but there are two gay main characters, two main Hispanic characters, Caucasian and African-American main characters. 3. The show touches on many subjects like rape culture, abortion, miscarriages, how the media portray women, educated women in the workplace. 4. There is a scene where Annalise takes off her wig and makeup, this scene is important because she is showing that as a woman she is flawed and imperfect but that does not take away her femininity. 5. The show touches on the subject of sexual abuse, sexuality, and women in power. Conclusion This show does not follow the typical gender roles and norms that other shows tend to do. The women are not portrayed as weak or as victims. They are strong, fierce and unapologetically brilliant. Please use citation Thank you.
Write a Feminist Analysis essay on the show. Attached is an example of what it could look like but please do not copy it off the example. Make it differently. I made an outline so there's an idea of how there are good examples of feminism on the show.
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