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2. Martha Nussbaum’s notion of capabilities as the ability to be or to do is a specific conception of freedom

2. Martha Nussbaum’s notion of capabilities as the ability to be or to do is a specific conception of freedom. In contrast, Philip Pettit concentrates on a republican conception of freedom as freedom from domination. Explain both accounts of freedom fully. Are these two ways of conceiving of freedom compatible with one another? Should a just society promote freedom as capabilities, or freedom as non-domination, or freedom as noninterference (as suggested by in various ways by Nozick, Rawls and Dworkin)?
2. Martha Nussbaum’s notion of capabilities as the ability to be or to do is a specific conception of freedom. In contrast, Philip Pettit concentrates on a republican conception of freedom as freedom from domination. Explain both accounts of freedom fully.
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