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The Non-Causal Relationship Between Intelligence and IQ and Why the Hereditarian Theory of IQ is Fallacious

INTRO-one paragraph Include here any background information that is not common knowledge and that is necessary to understanding the main idea of your essay. Do not begin to make your case in this paragraph; save argumentation for the body. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be the thesis statement. This sums up the main claim or argument. The thesis statement must be appropriate in scope—something you can reasonably demonstrate without repetition and according to the designated length. In addition, the thesis statement should be controversial, meaning that you are advancing a claim that is not necessarily universally accepted; in other words, your essay contributes to a debate. The essay will be judged on both the choice of a thesis statement and how fully the content of the essay defends it. BODY-several paragraphs, comprising the vast majority of the essay Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence. A topic sentence (a) relates the content of that paragraph to the thesis, and (b) gives the main idea of the paragraph. Body sentences must relate directly to the topic sentences. The result will be that each paragraph addresses one—and no more than one--major point. Remember that the body is always defending your main idea. This may mean responding to possible objections to your point of view, as well as advancing positive arguments for it. Take care to order your body paragraphs in a way that aids the reader in understanding your case. CONCLUSION-one paragraph The conclusion restates the argument in light of the evidence presented by the body. Your thesis statement in the introduction told the reader what you were going to show, but the reader had no cause to agree with you. Now the reader has cause to agree, because of what you argued in the body. This is your opportunity to provide a tidy reminder. Never introduce new argumentation here.
INTRO-one paragraph Include here any background information that is not common knowledge and that is necessary to understanding the main idea of your essay. Do not begin to make your case in this paragraph; save argumentation for the body. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be the thesis statement. This sums up the main claim or argument.
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