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Pick any 25 from this list—either explain, identify, or define them in detail

13th Amendment Adams, John Adams, John Q. Alamo Alien and Sedition Acts Antifederalists Appomattox Court House Articles of Confederation Barbary Wars Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Battle of Antietam Bill of Rights Bleeding Kansas Booth, John Wilkes Brown, John California Gold Rush Compromise of 1850 Confederate States of America Cotton Gin Davis, Jefferson Douglass, Fredrick Dred Scott Emancipation Proclamation Erie Canal Federalists Federalist Papers First Manassas/Bull Run Fort Sumter Fredericksburg Free Labor Fugitive Slave Act Gabriel’s Rebellion Garrison, William Lloyd Gettysburg Grant, U.S. Great Compromise Hamilton, Alexander Harrison, William Henry Hood, John B. Impressment Indian Removal Act of 1830 Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Thomas J. Jefferson, Thomas Kansas-Nebraska Act King Cotton Diplomacy Know-Nothings Lee, Robert E. Lewis and Clark Expedition Lincoln, Abraham Lowell Mills Louisiana Purchase Madison, Dolley Madison, James Marbury v. Madison Meade, George G. McClellan, George B. Missouri Compromise Monitor and Merrimack Monroe Doctrine Morse, Samuel F.B. New Jersey Plan Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Nullification Oklahoma/Indian Country Panic of 1837 Perry, Oliver Hazard Polk, James K. Popular Sovereignty Reconstruction Report on Manufactures Report on Public Credit Republic of Texas Republican Party Richmond, VA Trail of Tears Transcontinental Railroad Treaty of Ghent Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Tubman, Harriet Tyler, John Sectionalism Shay’s Rebellion Sherman, William T. Shiloh Stanton, Elizabeth Cady Steam Engine Turner, Nat Uncle Tom’s Cabin U.S. Military Academy at West Point Vicksburg Virginia Plan War Hawks War of 1812 Whigs Whiskey Rebellion Wilmot Proviso 14th Amendment Andrew Johnson PGT Beauregard
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