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The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals patient safety issues

The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) address patient safety issues within health care organizations. First, review the current NSPGs at Next, determine three patient safety issues that are being addressed by your health care organization (or health care organizations in general). Lastly, identify the actions the organization is taking, or identify three action-item issues to be addressed by health care organizations in general. What actions should the health care organization take regarding each of these NPSGs, and why? What goals do they need to achieve? Support your responses with a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.
The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) address patient safety issues within health care organizations. First, review the current NSPGs at Next, determine three patient safety issues that are being addressed by your health care organization (or health care organizations in general). Lastly, identify the actions the organization is taking, or identify three action-item issues to be addressed by health care organizations in general.
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About "In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World" By Ruth Sidransky
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Are Instructional Coaches a Key Componen in Teachers Professional Dev. and increased preschool literacy scores
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