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CREATED ON 24th June 2016
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Discuss the universal message present in the tale “How Much Land Does A Man Need” by Tolstoy, in light of today's society.

This paper is for a class name Philosophical Issues in Literature. The instruction are The Final Paper must be analytical in nature; that is, you should critically think and write about the major ideas, points, issues, and arguments at hand, and not merely give a summary. Finally, your paper must demonstrate a clear understanding of the key concepts, ideas and issues at hand, it must demonstrate an ability to read, think, and write critically, with a certain sophistication of thought, and an ability to express yourself clearly and concisely, with specific supporting evidence, facts, and quotes. You must use at least two secondary sources, in addition to the primary works you are analyzing or writing about. I will attached the reading I am suppose to be discussing from . Like the instructions says I need two additional sources besides the one I am attaching . Also please no plagiarism . Thank You
This paper is for a class name Philosophical Issues in Literature. The instruction are The Final Paper must be analytical in nature; that is, you should critically think and write about the major ideas, points, issues, and arguments at hand, and not merely give a summary. Finally, your paper must demonstrate a clear understanding of the key concepts, ideas and issues at hand, it must demonstrate an ability to read, think, and write critically, with a certain sophistication of thought, and an ability to express yourself clearly and concisely, with specific supporting evidence, facts, and quotes. You must use at least two secondary sources, in addition to the primary works you are analyzing or writing about.
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