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How will you establish and maintain a therapeutic relation with a patient surfering from personality disorder

How would you establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with Sarah. How would you promote mental health and recovery with Sarah. Utilize appropriate supporting references. Your answer should refer to the case scenario. SCENARIO: Sarah is a 30 year old single lady. She has 10 history of being residence in various hospitals and support accommodation, often being transferred to another service due to lack of engagement and significant self- harm. She has history of relationship difficulties, emotional withdrawal and flashback to past traumas in her life. She sometimes cut her wrists and said she was suicidal and depressed. She feel like she is disconnected from the world and no one loves her. She was intoxicated at the time. She was sexually abuse. Sarah is currently unemployed and spend most of the day drinking alcohol. She continued to be easily upset and difficult to comfort. She has stopped taking antidepressant medication and says she feel suicidal. PLEASE NOTE: Undergraduate essay, UK English, 1000 words, Harvard referencing and incite citation which may include NICE website and NHS Choices. Finally, the essay should have Introduction, Main body and conclusion.
How would you establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with Sarah. How would you promote mental health and recovery with Sarah. Utilize appropriate supporting references. Your answer should refer to the case scenario.
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