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Editing A Personal Statement For UK Univ Application *Due 6hours*

Im applying one of the highest institution in UK So I need you to edit my draft to a rellay high-level statement. The first file I attatched is for reference. It's not mine and for mathematics application, but I put it that it has an appropriate structure and form for UK application. The second file is the statement I want you to advance. you can edit it in any way that you think would make it logical, concise and dense you can change the order of the contents, You can add content if you need, but please be sure to contain all existing contents.
Im applying one of the highest institution in UK So I need you to edit my draft to a rellay high-level statement. The first file I attatched is for reference. It's not mine and for mathematics application, but I put it that it has an appropriate structure and form for UK application. The second file is the statement I want you to advance.
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