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Debate Topic-: Governments can and should intervene to help reduce poverty

READ THE ATTACHED FILE PROVIDES EVERYTHINGcould you write a debate for the above topic against the motion there should be four different perspectives and also a 1000-1500 word reflection. Written Reflection: You must submit a 1000 - 1500 word reflection examining your preparation for and your progress during the debate. Please note that the focus for your reflection is the topic and the range of arguments and perspectives you encountered regarding wealth and poverty issues, as well as the implied exploration of a range of possible considerations, outcomes or solutions. Avoid focusing on team dynamics and possible nerves when debating; more importantly, discuss how your understanding of the debate topic has developed in light of global and local concerns. Always provide specific examples from the debate to support your ideas. Prompts for your reflection (note, these are GUIDING QUESTIONS to prompt your thinking: you are still expected to structure this as a formal piece of writing). 1. What are your beliefs in regards to your topic? Did you agree with the side your team was given? Why/why not? 2. What do you consider to be the most compelling argument and specific evidence given during the debate? How compelling was your own argument and how did your individual research contribute to this? 3. What are the implications of the perspectives (both global and local) identified during your debate? What is the possible result of any course of action you proposed? 4. Which perspectives presented in the debate did you think were the easiest to sympathise with? Explain why! 5. Which solutions presented during the debate - from either of the teams - did you find most realistic and achievable? Why? What might be some obstacles to these? Reminder: A complete Works Cited page must also be submitted (MLA). Ensure that your reflection is written in a thoughtful and formal way. Focus on well structured and accurate writing. As this is a reflection you will be using first person voice with your personal opinion; please note however, to avoid slang and to ensure that your grammar and spelling are accurate. Organize your reflection with a clear introduction about your topic and an overview of your opinion, which you then explore in greater detail providing cited evidence throughout your reflection. Group your ideas with a clear progression of your views. Conclude with a thoughtful comment. Remember to maintain an engaged voice throughout. The prompts above are to provide a range of thinking points for you but are not a means to structuring ideas, which should be a cohesive reflective response.
READ THE ATTACHED FILE PROVIDES EVERYTHINGcould you write a debate for the above topic against the motion there should be four different perspectives and also a 1000-1500 word reflection. Written Reflection: You must submit a 1000 - 1500 word reflection examining your preparation for and your progress during the debate. Please note that the focus for your reflection is the topic and the range of arguments and perspectives you encountered regarding wealth and poverty issues, as well as the implied exploration of a range of possible considerations, outcomes or solutions. Avoid focusing on team dynamics and possible nerves when debating; more importantly, discuss how your understanding of the debate topic has developed in light of global and local concerns.
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