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Issues for organisational communication by working with stakeholders

Topic: What are the issues for organisational communication when organisations work with stakeholders from more than one culture and how are these issues addressed both within the organisations themselves and by external communication training providers? Task: -Make a research of external training providers like Global LT (US), SIETAR (UK), LEARNLIGHT (UK), FARNHAM CASTLE INTERCULTURAL TRAINING, -which companies have they provided training? explain by answering the report topic -comment briefly on the effectiveness of this provision and make brief recommendations -no reference to power distance or universalism or other cultural theories
Topic: What are the issues for organisational communication when organisations work with stakeholders from more than one culture and how are these issues addressed both within the organisations themselves and by external communication training providers? Task: -Make a research of external training providers like Global LT (US), SIETAR (UK), LEARNLIGHT (UK), FARNHAM CASTLE INTERCULTURAL TRAINING, -which companies have they provided training?
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