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Black Run, A Crime Fiction Novel by Antonio Manizni

Hello writers, this is a literature research paper on the novel Black Run by Antonio Manizni, an Italian Crime Fiction writer. I cannot give the book but I would like a paper about the role of Antonio Manzini as a writer for contemporary crime novels who was a student of the writer Camilleri, the genius behind the fiction role of Montalbano. Both writers made their detectives very popular and also main characters in tv series. I would like you to stress on the location of the story (italy) that seems very popular for the genre and absolutely on the main character Rocco Schiavone. You could watch the episode: but it is in Italian, it could give you anyway an idea of the main character and how the tv series respects the book. I need a paper that gives all the details about the main character detective as it moves to research for truth. I am attaching an outline from the professor. Please a critical and compelling paper is needed. I was not able to find the book as a PDF file in english but there is a translation available. I will be able to give a series of links as well.
Hello writers, this is a literature research paper on the novel Black Run by Antonio Manizni, an Italian Crime Fiction writer. I cannot give the book but I would like a paper about the role of Antonio Manzini as a writer for contemporary crime novels who was a student of the writer Camilleri, the genius behind the fiction role of Montalbano. Both writers made their detectives very popular and also main characters in tv series. I would like you to stress on the location of the story (italy) that seems very popular for the genre and absolutely on the main character Rocco Schiavone.
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