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Case Study on Welfare Reform - TANF, Poverty and a Living Wage

The major points made in the article – This should be a brief summary in your own words. Reflective Question - How do these concepts about employment, compensation, poverty and welfare reflect the history and values of social welfare in the United States? At a minimum refer to three different chapters in the Trattner book. (From Poor Law to Welfare State), with proper citations. Students are expected to answer all the questions of the assignment. References should use proper APA style. The Trattner book "From Poor Law to Welfare State" is needed for this assignment.
The major points made in the article – This should be a brief summary in your own words. Reflective Question - How do these concepts about employment, compensation, poverty and welfare reflect the history and values of social welfare in the United States? At a minimum refer to three different chapters in the Trattner book. (From Poor Law to Welfare State), with proper citations.
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