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Energy Management & Performance Evaluation (PV Panel)

The feasibility report should include: 1) A detailed estimate of performance using a proven conceptual model or software, giving a performance range from best‐case, worst‐case and most likely scenarios. • Each student should demonstrate an understanding of mathematical analysis used to estimate energy performance. • Recognised benchmarks can be used but should be contextualised to your case study. You have a Sankey of the current building operation, but what would be the impact of your idea on the Sankey? This could be an effective way of showing how your idea could be monitored. For example imaging the impact of CHP on Sankey. For kWh, the overall demand would not change, but would move from electric to gas. The emissions Sankey and cost Sankey would show difference in size however. • Students should clearly show their workings and state assumptions. • The estimate should show best case, worst case and most likely estimates. • The main objective of the calculations, is to demonstrate you understand the process and can answer critical questions. 2) A full life‐cycle cost analysis, accounting for discounting and risk analysis. • Discounted cash flow, clearly justifying your choice of discount factor. • Fully considered life cycle costs, informed by the literature where possible. • Risk assessment and how this impacts payback. • Include any incentives or tax saving offered by the government. • Consider any stranding costs (retiring old equipment that still has lifespan to return) or refurbishment upgrade cost (difference between standard and energy refurb). 3) A process to monitor actual performance to assess if there is a performance gap. • In the past the monitoring has been the weakest element of student work, as they fail to grasp the fundamental difference between using science to predict the future and using instruments to measure the past. • Done just say "we will use a meter". The meter generates data and the data must be analysed in a manner that allows direct comparison to the output of the estimate. • Often it is a 3‐year monitoring technique (e.g. CUSUM) rather than a monitoring system. 4) Well structured professional report including • An overview of your energy improvement proposal. • A literature review of the proposal, its relation to the energy industry and of a scheme it might benefit from. (Note: It is assumed this literature review is the same as assignment B1. Students are allowed to update this following first feedback, and include it as part of this report.) • A conclusion and very clear final recommendation, with assumptions and risks stated. • Attachments of any data used in the report. • Professional presentation Please see accompanying marking scheme documents: • 2017 18 Marking Scheme ‐ EMPE B2 Feas Rpt • 2017 18 Marking Scheme ‐ Good Writing L5
The feasibility report should include: 1) A detailed estimate of performance using a proven conceptual model or software, giving a performance range from best‐case, worst‐case and most likely scenarios. • Each student should demonstrate an understanding of mathematical analysis used to estimate energy performance. • Recognised benchmarks can be used but should be contextualised to your case study. You have a Sankey of the current building operation, but what would be the impact of your idea on the Sankey?
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