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The Play ("The Little Foxes") written by Lillian Hellman

I need to make a Microsoft Excel and specifically describe what type of costume the characters of ("The Little Foxes") would wear. I don't really know how many acts and scenes this plays because I have not seen reading the play. Have attached example of what the graph should look like and what it describes the characters are wearing in each scene of each act but (KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS EXAMPLE IS NOT THE SAME PLAY) The "x" represents the characters wearing the same outfit in the scene.
I need to make a Microsoft Excel and specifically describe what type of costume the characters of ("The Little Foxes") would wear. I don't really know how many acts and scenes this plays because I have not seen reading the play. Have attached example of what the graph should look like and what it describes the characters are wearing in each scene of each act but (KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS EXAMPLE IS NOT THE SAME PLAY) The "x" represents the characters wearing the same outfit in the scene.
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