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Total quality management (TQM) in a contest of Organisation Effectivenes ( OF)

The Essay title: Critically evaluate the extent to which total quality management (TQM) can be used to improve the effectiveness of an organisation? The Essay has to be 3000 words, and TQM is in a contest of Organisational effectiveness (OE). OE theory (Goal attainment model, systems model, strategic constituency model, competing values model and balanced scorecard model) must be included and critically evaluated in the assignment. Please note that essay is not just only on TQM. Students are expected to carry out a significant literature review and both to critically evaluate and synthesise it as they see fit. The assignment should be word processed and structured in essay format (‘Introduction’; ‘Main Body’; and ‘Conclusion’). The assignment should include at least ten peer-reviewed academic journal articles. In the text, Referencing and end of the essay referencing list must be.
The Essay title: Critically evaluate the extent to which total quality management (TQM) can be used to improve the effectiveness of an organisation? The Essay has to be 3000 words, and TQM is in a contest of Organisational effectiveness (OE). OE theory (Goal attainment model, systems model, strategic constituency model, competing values model and balanced scorecard model) must be included and critically evaluated in the assignment. Please note that essay is not just only on TQM.
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