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The tell-tale heart, An Occurrence at Owl Creek and Where are you going,where have you been

Read a short Story of "The tell-tale heart by EDGAR ALLAN POE" and write a 1page Plot summary of the Story. Then Read these two stories "An occurrence at Owl creek bridge by Ambrose Bierce" and "Where are you going, where have you been by Joyce Carol Oates" Write a 4pages/10 paragraph Comparison paper of the two stories...I will attach the outline instructions of this comparison paper. Please follow the instruction attached for the comparison paper. This would be a total of 5 pages. (1page for the plot summary on the tell-tale heart story ) and (4pages for the Comparison paper) Thanks
Read a short Story of "The tell-tale heart by EDGAR ALLAN POE" and write a 1page Plot summary of the Story. Then Read these two stories "An occurrence at Owl creek bridge by Ambrose Bierce" and "Where are you going, where have you been by Joyce Carol Oates" Write a 4pages/10 paragraph Comparison paper of the two stories...I will attach the outline instructions of this comparison paper. Please follow the instruction attached for the comparison paper. This would be a total of 5 pages.
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