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Native American religion and how the natives connected with the environment that became the USA.

Students must select a topic that pertains to some aspect of American history between the years 1492-1877. These topics may involve political, social, cultural, military, or other historical approaches. All topics must be cleared by the instructor. Students should research the subject and write a brief descriptive and analytical paper. Students are to use an essay format. Papers are to be between 6-8 pages of text (double-spaced, using 12-point, Times New Roman Font). The paper will be organized in accordance with the course syllabus, the MLA Style Manual, and the student handout titled Gordon Rule Evaluation Criteria. A Works Cited page should be included in the paper. All Research Papers are required to have at least 6 sources (at least 3 should be primaries). Sources may include Web sites (I strongly recommend edu sites for citation), books, journal articles, period newspapers.
Students must select a topic that pertains to some aspect of American history between the years 1492-1877. These topics may involve political, social, cultural, military, or other historical approaches. All topics must be cleared by the instructor. Students should research the subject and write a brief descriptive and analytical paper.
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