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Changes in Hospital Quality Associated with Hospital Value-Based Purchasing

Changes in Hospital Quality Associated with Hospital Value-Based Purchasing The final project will be a seven (7) page (content) written case analysis and article critique/paper on paying for health services (Chapter 3) and cost allocation (Chapter 4). The article is provided as supplemental material to gain insight on one of the many payment methods for health services. Cost allocation is a health care financial management process. The critique/paper is assigned because writing skills are important for managers, even if graphs, tables, charts, and many figures are manipulated, calculated, and possibly solved in health care organizations. The final project case and article may be found in eLearn, or through the TSU online Library using the following link: . The article is titled “Changes in hospital quality associated with hospital value-based purchasing” The New England Journal of Medicine, Ryan & et al, (2017), pages 2358-2366. The article pdf will be uploaded into the ‘Final Project’ module in eLearn. Additionally, a case titled ‘Houston Dialysis Center’ will be analyzed as part of the final project on cost allocation. The case study will be uploaded into the “Final Project” module in eLearn. The final directions and supporting documents (i.e. outline example, finished critique example, the article and case) will be uploaded into the eLearn final project module.
Changes in Hospital Quality Associated with Hospital Value-Based Purchasing The final project will be a seven (7) page (content) written case analysis and article critique/paper on paying for health services (Chapter 3) and cost allocation (Chapter 4). The article is provided as supplemental material to gain insight on one of the many payment methods for health services. Cost allocation is a health care financial management process. The critique/paper is assigned because writing skills are important for managers, even if graphs, tables, charts, and many figures are manipulated, calculated, and possibly solved in health care organizations.
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