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A policy of racial profiling by police officers to reduce and prevent crime on the streets

write a 10 – 12 page research paper on an important ethical subject where they develop and ethics policy. In essence, you have the opportunity to solve an ethical dilemma on a grand scale. Students should identify an ethical topic they are interested in studying and create a policy and/or a recommendation to a state governing agency about how this ethical issue should be handled moving forward. Your choices should be fueled by empirical research and scholarly sources on the subject. This ethical issue will impact more than just your own individual self—it will affect the lives of all those across the state or even the country. Your job is to write a research paper for the state governor to use as the basis for his/her decision on this issue. As you write this paper, consider the moral rules that will support your decision. General structure of your policy analysis 1. Conduct a brief review/synopsis of the relevant facts. 2. Identify what you believe to be the major ethical issues and the relevant underlying values of each opposing side. 3. Set forth your recommendations for the continued use, modification, or discontinuation of this policy. Your decision must have some sort of rationale behind it. This is where you will present an answer to the policy issue at hand. Before you can do this, you will have to decide on what ethical system underlies your analysis. There is no right/wrong system of ethics—choose the one with which you most closely identify. If you are a utilitarian, your stance may be very different than if you identify with ethical formalism or an ethic of care. Please adhere to these directives: Organization: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Body of the Paper, Conclusion. The papers should have a brief introduction, appropriate transitions between topic areas, and a short conclusion. craft an organized approach to an ethical issue in criminal justice. Synthesize the literature on the subject and critically assess the ethical issue. Substance: Craft a well-reasoned ethical argument. Since we will be addressing “hot” topics of current debate, emotions will run high. However, please try to support your argument with more than just emotion. Where appropriate, essays should draw from course readings, lectures, and discussions particular to the subject matter. References: Consult at least five (5) outside peer reviewed sources to complete this assignment (the course readings do not count). Please consider the five-source requirement as establishing the baseline;
write a 10 – 12 page research paper on an important ethical subject where they develop and ethics policy. In essence, you have the opportunity to solve an ethical dilemma on a grand scale. Students should identify an ethical topic they are interested in studying and create a policy and/or a recommendation to a state governing agency about how this ethical issue should be handled moving forward. Your choices should be fueled by empirical research and scholarly sources on the subject.
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