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What events due to Hitlers regime lead up to the Holocaust

Events that lead up to the holocaust from beginig to end I need to answer the following questions in this essay. 1 How people or groups were effected 2.which types of people were effected 3.How wide geographically was the impact 4.How deeply were peoples lives beliefs and attitudes effected 5.For how long were people effected 6.How important was it Hitlers word 7.How powerful was the impact of the holocaust 8.what kind of reaction did the holocaust cause expected/unexpected was it 10 what events lead up to the holocaust This is a high school essay. 9th grade level.needs to be 2000 words and have a bibliography.The paper is due by Sunday nov 19th
Events that lead up to the holocaust from beginig to end I need to answer the following questions in this essay. 1 How people or groups were effected 2.which types of people were effected 3.How wide geographically was the impact 4.How deeply were peoples lives beliefs and attitudes effected 5.For how long were people effected 6.How important was it Hitlers word 7.How powerful was the impact of the holocaust 8.what kind of reaction did the holocaust cause expected/unexpected was it 10 what events lead up to the holocaust This is a high school essay.
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