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What is globalization? Discuss its impact on women empowerment in Bangladesh

Instructions: • Abstracts250 -300 words • What is globlalization and women empowerment? • What is the present situation of women empowerment in Bangladesh • Discuss the positive and negative impact of empowerment of women based on globalization? • Whats should be the govt role protecting negative impact on women empowerment in Bangladesh? • Findings • Interviews of 2 women( how they feel about women empowerment on the present situation of this globalization in Bangladesh. ( I need as my professor said to attach the reaction of two women after interviewed and how they feel about empowerment of women impact for this globalization.May be you have to make two fake interview based on the present situation) • References Apa
Instructions: • Abstracts250 -300 words • What is globlalization and women empowerment? • What is the present situation of women empowerment in Bangladesh • Discuss the positive and negative impact of empowerment of women based on globalization? • Whats should be the govt role protecting negative impact on women empowerment in Bangladesh? • Findings • Interviews of 2 women( how they feel about women empowerment on the present situation of this globalization in Bangladesh.
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