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Nursing Journal on the Wall of Silence Gibson and Singh Part 3 and 4

All questions must be answered in the journal essay with supporting details from the book or a peer reviewed article. I will provide the PDF of the book and a sample journal. Essay must be done in APA format. Entry #2: Based upon Gibson and Singh Part 3 and 4 The culture of cover-up is contradictory to our professional code of ethics Gibson and Singh provided a detailed overview of why medical mistakes happen and they provided rationales behind the culture of cover-up in the health care environment. They described potential methods of regulation and reporting to better inform patients and consumers about their health care providers. Gibson and Singh also devoted an entire chapter to the use of technology making health care safer. Examine your own feelings about developing competency in nursing informatics and technology in healthcare. How do you see these systems impacting nursing practice now and in the future? 1. Explain how patients and consumers find valid and reliable information about health care providers and facilities. 2. In your experience, do patients and consumers investigate their providers or facilities before making selections? What about you, your friends, and family? 3. How do quality improvement systems affect regulatory and accreditation reporting and reimbursement? 4. What issues come to mind when you reflect on the need for all nurses to use information and technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision- making? How does technology support safety at your facility? Explain how health system safety and technology will influence your practice in the next 10 years. 5. Gibson and Singh compared the current health care system to less flawed, safer industries, like aviation. How do you feel about safety and quality in health care when compared to the aviation industry? Support your entry with quotations from the book as needed and with literature and sources from our course. Follow APA format.
All questions must be answered in the journal essay with supporting details from the book or a peer reviewed article. I will provide the PDF of the book and a sample journal. Essay must be done in APA format. Entry #2: Based upon Gibson and Singh Part 3 and 4 The culture of cover-up is contradictory to our professional code of ethics Gibson and Singh provided a detailed overview of why medical mistakes happen and they provided rationales behind the culture of cover-up in the health care environment.
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