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SUBJECT AREA Anthropology
CREATED ON 16th November 2017
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How does Chinese Language and its acquisition affect the way the Chinese culture forms or develops over time?

hi. Pls follow the format of the essay i have attached. I have done the Introduction and methods part. What you need to do is to finish the Results - Findings from your participant-observation and interviews Discussion - Critically analyze why they think / behave in this way - is it related to our social norms, moral values, and cultural values? - Compare the past literature with your findings – are they similar? Or do you have any different findings from the past literature? Conclusion - Wrap-up, summary of your key points Remember, you should make up some results first. As real as possible. Pls provide data and examples!!! eg, 1. observation (where, when, what, why, who? ) 2. Interview (where, when, what, why, who? how many people you have interviewed? their background? ) 3. Questionaries (online/offline? data? ) etc.
hi. Pls follow the format of the essay i have attached. I have done the Introduction and methods part. What you need to do is to finish the Results - Findings from your participant-observation and interviews Discussion - Critically analyze why they think / behave in this way - is it related to our social norms, moral values, and cultural values?
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