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"Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller or "Mulatto" by Langston Hughes

The paper needs to reflect research about the work of the author, ot just biographical information. The biographical information can be accomplished within the introduction of the paper. Research Approach: 1. Assertion-state the main point-set up the quote in the topic sentence. 2. Illustration-Citation of the quote-the real, textual evidence to support your main point. 3. Argument-write about what that illustration means to you and your interpretation, analyze what you just put down, explain the quote in your concluding sentences. 5 to 6 pages with title page as well as a Reference/Bibliography page
The paper needs to reflect research about the work of the author, ot just biographical information. The biographical information can be accomplished within the introduction of the paper. Research Approach: 1. Assertion-state the main point-set up the quote in the topic sentence.
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