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Individuals cheat more when working in a group: Self-control depletion leads to unethical behavior

This paper needs to be written academically, and it should explain why people behave unethically when they are in a group (reason for that are in documents 1,2 and 3) and it must include the fact that everyone have their own self-control resource and when depletion of that resource come they will cheat for sure (it is in document 4). This research paper need to have 10-15 ACADEMIC RESOURCES (including these four articles I uploaded), and it must have thesis in the beginning and it must answer 3-5 main questions through the text. PLAGIARISM MUST BE AVOIDED BECAUSE IT WILL BE CHECKED ON TURNITIN. Deadline is in one week.
This paper needs to be written academically, and it should explain why people behave unethically when they are in a group (reason for that are in documents 1,2 and 3) and it must include the fact that everyone have their own self-control resource and when depletion of that resource come they will cheat for sure (it is in document 4). This research paper need to have 10-15 ACADEMIC RESOURCES (including these four articles I uploaded), and it must have thesis in the beginning and it must answer 3-5 main questions through the text. PLAGIARISM MUST BE AVOIDED BECAUSE IT WILL BE CHECKED ON TURNITIN. Deadline is in one week.
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