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Family and Community Supports for Female Offenders Upon Reentry

Woman with children have some unique family challenges during incarceration and upon their release back into the community. In this assignment, family supports must be explored to ensure the offender has a solid support system upon reentry, and community supports, including mentorship, must be identified to provide additional support and structure for the offender during reentry into the community. Review the "Mothers' Reenty Into Family Life After Incarceration" article located in this week's Electronic Reserve Readings. Respond to the following prompts, writing a minimum of 175 words per prompt: Identify 3 problems that can occur during the process of familial visitation with the offender prior to her release from incarceration. How will those problems affect the relationship between the mother and her family once she is released from incarceration? Analyze some ways that family member support can benefit the mother once she is released. How might a mother's perception of community resources affect her motivation to obtain community resources once she reintegrates into the community? Identify 3 specific community supports, and share some viable strategies for connecting mothers' with community supports. Format any citations according to APA guidelines
Woman with children have some unique family challenges during incarceration and upon their release back into the community. In this assignment, family supports must be explored to ensure the offender has a solid support system upon reentry, and community supports, including mentorship, must be identified to provide additional support and structure for the offender during reentry into the community. Review the "Mothers' Reenty Into Family Life After Incarceration" article located in this week's Electronic Reserve Readings. Respond to the following prompts, writing a minimum of 175 words per prompt: Identify 3 problems that can occur during the process of familial visitation with the offender prior to her release from incarceration.
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