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Discussions including the effect on the results, effectiveness and well-being

This assignment aims at finding out and realizing what kind of habits and beliefs of communication prevails in your workplace, and building up new ones. Think about your work community and its (co-operative) communication critically. How does the communication appear to be like? Go through the communication and interaction material in Moodle. Select a communication phenomenon for your team. Then every member of the team should decide which communication situation or aspect he or she is picking for closer and deeper study. (You can also decide to study just one situation or aspect in your team, if you wish.) Go through the appropriate material. Every member of your team of four or five students carries out an experiment on the chosen situation belonging to your phenomenon: Observe the interaction and communication in your own work community for about a week. Share your observations in your team and also with your boss or supervisor at work. Negotiate with him or her about the possibility to try to change the way of communication in your work. Ask for his or her permission to carry out one tiny change. Or just change your own communication; you do not need permission for thatsilmänisku Then observe what happens after the change. Get theoretical evidence for the new belief, too. Prepare an analysis of your observations to be shared with the others in your team. Write it in the form of a blog post. This is an appendix to the team report.
This assignment aims at finding out and realizing what kind of habits and beliefs of communication prevails in your workplace, and building up new ones. Think about your work community and its (co-operative) communication critically. How does the communication appear to be like? Go through the communication and interaction material in Moodle.
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