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Psychological effects of discrimination on young adults

Research paper: Write an argumentative essay which analyzes two short stories and supports the thesis with six secondary sources. Depending on your research essay's thesis, you will be comparing or contrasting how the ‘claim’ or ‘argument’ you make in the thesis manifests in the two short stories you have chosen to analyze. A thesis is based on claims which are logical statements supported by the evidence you present in your paper. The logic of your argument and the evidence you provide determine whether you have effectively proven your claim. Your claim, logic, and evidence are the core components of any argument and the substance of your paper. Make sure that your thesis statement is an 'arguable' thesis statement. You may want to use biographical information in your paper as 'evidence' to support your thesis and other points you are making in the paper. Biographical information can be found in databases via articles and essays on the two authors you have chosen. You may also use essays the authors have written as sources for the paper. And finally, you may use interviews conducted with the authors. You may also decide to use cultural and/or social issues as they pertain to influencing the authors. As your textbook claims, beginning research is like entering a conversation on your topic. When you write a research paper using sources, YOU join the conversation that includes your analysis of the literary works, ideas from sources you cite, your interpretation of what these other voices are saying, and your presentation of your own views. Short stories: Select two literary works from any of the following chapters in your textbook: Chapter 6: Reading a Story for Its Elements Chapter 8: Plot Chapter 9: Character Chapter 10: Setting Chapter 11: Point of View Chapter 12: Language, Tone, and Style Chapter 13: Theme Chapter 14: Symbol The short stories you select may be from the same chapter or different chapters, though you must use two different authors. Length: approximately 1,500 – 1,700 words. Works Cited list does not constitute any portion of the word count. There is a 100 word wiggle room allowance on the top end. That means students can go to a maximum of 1,800 words after which points will be deducted for exceeding the word count. Points will be deducted for any research papers under 1,500 words. Works Cited List: required in MLA format with both the source citation and the URL documentation. Research papers cannot be accepted without a completed Works Cited list and will result in zero points for this assignment. No exceptions. Drafting and Writing the Research Paper Essay: Before you begin this assignment, carefully review the module material which contains information about prewriting, outlining, researching, and MLA format which are all required for your research paper. Writing methods and tips have been provided in the module material to help you. Don’t stick with the writing methods that have caused you headaches and anxiety in the past. Be willing to try out different strategies until you discover which ones work best for you. With practice you’ll find a whole tool box of methods to use when approaching a particular writing assignment that works for you and leads to a successful writing experience. Research (Secondary Sources): This is the step that involves using secondary sources. Six articles are required for the paper. Keep in mind you may read more than that number, but you are only required to use six outside sources within the paper. If you wish, one of the six sources can be from a discipline such as psychology, sociology, or history as it relates to your thesis statement. The remaining secondary sources must be literary criticism articles. You may also use authors' letters, autobiographies, biographies, and/or archives as sources. Make sure though that you use a minimum of four literary criticism articles as part of six sources. If you have any questions about sources, please send me a private message via the Inbox. Secondary sources are the articles about the element of craft you have chosen, and/or the two authors you have chosen and/or the two literary works you are using for the paper. The secondary sources you find on the databases may also focus on some element of your thesis statement. You may use direct quotations from the literary works in your textbook, Literature: Craft & Voice, but the textbook is not considered a secondary source. Likewise, you may use quotations from the editors of the textbook, but again, the textbook is not considered one of the six required secondary sources for purposes of this Research Paper. The evidence you will use for your paper will come from various sources and should include expert opinions from literary scholars and critics, opinions from reviews, articles, and the literary texts themselves. You can use newspaper articles, magazine articles, and scholarly journals (meaning journals whose articles have been peer reviewed). Each time you use one of the six sources, an in-text citation in correct MLA format is required. If the source does not have a page number, section number, part number or other identifying characteristic to indicate the exact location in the article where the quote is located, then simply include the author’s name in either the introduction to the quote or put the author’s last name only in the citation after the quote. Paraphrases and Summaries: These must be your own words and MLA format. See module material and your textbook for more details. Follow the MLA rule: no more than 10% of directly quoted material within the paper. Research using the LAVC Electronic Library. For example: Gale Literary Sources Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) Literature Resource Center You may also use Google Scholar. Also, contact the LAVC librarian if you need assistance in finding additional literature sites. NO print books allowed for this assignment. ALL secondary sources must be listed in the Works Cited with both the source information and the URL information. Evidence you may NOT use consists of material from the following: Wikipedia Answerbag Yahoo! Answers Anybody Out There Blurt It! WikiAnswers Askville Please ask about a source's acceptability if you are unsure. Read while your research. Reading is a part of research, not something you do after you have gathered a stack of sources. The reason you want to read as you research is that one good source leads to another. Writers will often refer to others who have written on your topic. This can lead you toward another interesting and informative essay. Also, you will gradually learn the angles and ranges of opinions of your topic, so when it is time for you to form your own final thesis and claim for the paper, you will be operating with full knowledge of the conversation already out there. And finally, you will be able to compare the sources, deciding which have the best information and arguments to use in your paper. Three drafts required: For this research paper assignment, write three drafts. The first draft is where you get your ideas down on paper. The second draft is where you begin to revise, rethink, reconsider and make any necessary changes to the essay. The third draft is your final draft where you edit for any errors. You are required to submit only your third draft. You may be asked to submit earlier drafts of the essay, so make sure you keep all versions in a file. Failure to submit required drafts in a timely manner will result in loss of points. Failure to submit required drafts will result in loss of points regardless of the excuse as to why the drafts have disappeared. Late Policy: The research paper will be accepted up to three days late with one full grade deducted from the final grade for each day the paper is submitted late. The time of submission is based solely on the Canvas time stamp. The late period begins any time AFTER the due date and time. Please note that seconds are not counted in the due date time. For instance, a due time of 2:00 pm means that the assignment is marked late at 02:00:01 pm. ANY Research Paper date stamped late will have points deducted up to one full grade. If you submit your Research Paper, even one second after 2:00 PM on Nov. 14, it will be marked late! Research Papers date stamped late will have points deducted up to one full grade for each of the three time periods listed below: 1 day late (- 6 points); 2 days late (-12 points); 3 days late (-18 points). Submission Guidelines: Microsoft Word .doc or .docx only. Another other format will not be accepted. Some tips if you do not have Microsoft Word: In your word processing program, go to the "file" menu to see if you have another word processing program that you can "save as" to Microsoft word format. Or, you may use a computer on campus that has Microsoft Word. Or, you can use the free online web word-processing program that Google provides. The Google docs site is: NOTE: With any of these other options, you still must save your file to Microsoft Word format. Important reminder: If I cannot open the file, you will not receive credit for this assignment. Need help with your file format? If you have any questions about the file format, do not have Microsoft Word, or need help with how to save your document in Microsoft Word, please post your question in the Questions site in a timely manner. MLA Format: 12 point font; one inch margins; double space; all quotations, summaries, and paraphrases in MLA format. Required Identification in Upper-Hand Corner: Include your first and last name, the professor's name, the class and date in the upper left-hand corner. Running Headers with Your Last Name and Page Number: MLA requires that each page of your research paper include in the upper right corner a running header that gives your last name and the page number. Note that there is no punctuation between that last name and the page number, nor is the word page used or any abbreviation like p. or pp. included. Each page of your research paper should have your last name and the page number right through and including the Works Cited page. Papers with incorrect headers will have points deducted. Title: Include a title for your Research Paper. Titles should be centered above the paper and written in regular font. Do not put the title in italics, bold, or a larger font than your paper (12 pt. font). Also, do not underline your title or put it in quotation marks. Try to create a title that reflects some aspect of your paper. Avoid generic titles such as: Research Paper Essay Point Value: The Research Paper Essay is worth up to 65 points. Tips: Plan your research, drafting, revising, and editing schedule so you have time to revise well in advance of the due date and time on Nov. 14 at 2:00 pm. Questions: If you have any questions about this assignment, post in the Question site so all can benefit from the response. Ask your questions in a timely manner and well in advance of the due date for the assignment. Questions posted on Monday, (the day before the Research Paper is due) are not considered postings “well in advance of the due date” nor is it posting in a timely manner. Freedom: This is NOT a timed assignment so you are free to open the assignment and visit this site as often as you like until the site closes. MLA Format Help and Overview of Research Paper: The module material provides guidelines for MLA format. The Research Paper must be written in MLA format. All direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries must have parenthetical citations in MLA format. There are many free online sites that can provide MLA information. You may want to pull out your English handbooks/textbooks from English 101 if you still have them! Another resource is the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University. Students in the past have said that the "MLA Format and Style Guide" available on the Purdue site is user-friendly and helpful. Here is the link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Lastly… Write a paper YOU would be interested in reading!
Research paper: Write an argumentative essay which analyzes two short stories and supports the thesis with six secondary sources. Depending on your research essay's thesis, you will be comparing or contrasting how the ‘claim’ or ‘argument’ you make in the thesis manifests in the two short stories you have chosen to analyze. A thesis is based on claims which are logical statements supported by the evidence you present in your paper. The logic of your argument and the evidence you provide determine whether you have effectively proven your claim.
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