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Donald Trump's policies attack what make america great

This is research paper minimum 5 to maximum 8 pages excluded work cited page. The topic is about trump's policies. As mentioned in last assignment, I researched some articles about what Trump is doing and how it looks, affects our society. Use the five articles in the annotated bibliography. Two peer-reviewed, two newspaper journal, and one magazine sources. All the information that needed is attached ( I think) let me know if need anything else. Also we will use MLA8 format Final is due by next Tuesday, but I need a rough draft or outline to bring to next class for peer review.
This is research paper minimum 5 to maximum 8 pages excluded work cited page. The topic is about trump's policies. As mentioned in last assignment, I researched some articles about what Trump is doing and how it looks, affects our society. Use the five articles in the annotated bibliography.
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