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SUBJECT AREA Mathematics
DOCUMENT TYPE Math Assignment
CREATED ON 14th November 2017
COMPLETED ON 20th November 2017
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Math SL internal assessment for the international baccalaureate

The work MUST NOT be plagiarised. Each site used MUST be referenced. I have already started the assignment. The writer must follow the criteria for the Math SL internal assessment (can be found in the attached files). In the study, I have to use my math knowledge to determine whether there is a correlation between GDP per capita and life expectancy. The maximum number of pages is 12. There is no word limit, however, the assignment should focus more on the mathematical side than the descriptive part. The assignment must also include the personal engagement.
The work MUST NOT be plagiarised. Each site used MUST be referenced. I have already started the assignment. The writer must follow the criteria for the Math SL internal assessment (can be found in the attached files).
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