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Describe Mintzberg’s five types of organization structure.

Title: Describe Mintzberg’s five types of organization structure. In what ways does Mintzberg’s work advance our understanding beyond earlier ideas about organization structure? 1.Introduction of essay 2. Describe Mintzbergs 5 types of organisation structures (simple structure, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisionalised form, adhocracy) & use relevant examples from online articles, online blogs or newspapers (and include in bibliography) 3. Describe Mintzbergs the 5 basic parts of an organisation (the operating core, middle-line managers, strategic apex, technostructure and support staff) with relevant examples. 4. Talk about the management theory and give reasons as to why there is only one structure for an organisation (with relevant examples). 5. Briefly describe the contingency theory and use it to criticise the management theorists (with relevant examples). 6. A powerful conclusion
Title: Describe Mintzberg’s five types of organization structure. In what ways does Mintzberg’s work advance our understanding beyond earlier ideas about organization structure? 1.Introduction of essay 2. Describe Mintzbergs 5 types of organisation structures (simple structure, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisionalised form, adhocracy) & use relevant examples from online articles, online blogs or newspapers (and include in bibliography) 3.
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