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Write an essay on Henry Thoreau's ideas on his essay "civil disobedience."

Henry david thoreau's 1849 essay " civil disobedience" reflects on the nature of government (authority) and its effect on individual citizens. write a thoughtful, interesting, and informed essay (1500 words) reflecting on whether you agree or disagree with thoreau's ideas. some ideas to consider in your reflection are: what is the individual's responsibility regarding supporting the government when it is wrong? how does thoreau deal with unjust laws? how relevant re thoreau's ideas to Americans today? quote from thoreau's essay in your essay, and also research and cite what others have said about thoreau's "civil disobedience." essay must be well organized with appropriate amount of in-text citations and a work cited page ( minimum of 3 sources) and accurate current MLA format. thesis should be clear and of 3 or more things you would talk about in the body paragraphs.
Henry david thoreau's 1849 essay " civil disobedience" reflects on the nature of government (authority) and its effect on individual citizens. write a thoughtful, interesting, and informed essay (1500 words) reflecting on whether you agree or disagree with thoreau's ideas. some ideas to consider in your reflection are: what is the individual's responsibility regarding supporting the government when it is wrong? how does thoreau deal with unjust laws?
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