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Needs Analysis (physical demands of a fire fighter) Research Paper

This assignment is for my "Essentials of Strength and Conditioning" class for my Bachelors of exercise Science degree. The professor grading this paper is very strict and nit picky. I have also attached a file with the same instructions listed below in case you prefer to read them from a word document. Here are the instructions: This project should be typed as a Word document in 12pt Calibri or Times New Roman font with 1” line spacing and 0.5” margins (narrow margin settings) all around.  The final submitted paper should include a proper and professional title page.  Pages should be numbered on the bottom of each page with an appropriate footer (as seen in this document) to help formulate proper organization. The project will be created using Microsoft Word (or a similar word processing software) and converted to a SINGLE PDF document for final submission.  Appendices are expected for materials that cannot be included in the body of the document.  Citations should be formatted using standard APA guidelines and a reference list must be included at the end of the project document.  No word count or page length requirement will be referenced for this assignment. The size of this project will be dictated by the amount of material needed to cover the requirements of the assignment paperwork/outline.    Firefighter Needs Analysis (Demands of the Sport) Firefighter is the sport that you are compiling for this assignment. It needs to be analyzed in detail with respect to the categories listed below.  You also have the freedom to add categories to the list if you need to define additional sport components.  Each of the components that you list should be relegated to its own sub-section within the document and be explained in detail based on any of your findings in the literature.  This is a very important aspect that often gets overlooked when designing and/or implementing a strength & conditioning program for a given sport.   1. Metabolic demands of the sport (energy systems utilized and the ratio of their use) 2. Work:rest recovery ratios 3. Biomechanical/movement demands of the sport (planes/axes of movement-linear, lateral, rotational, etc.). If there are multiple types of movements required for a given sport or athlete, then you must describe the biomechanical demands for AT LEAST three (3) sport/athlete-specific movements. 4. Primary muscular demands of the sport 5. Balance, flexibility, mobility, stability, propioception, and reaction time needs of the sport 6. Injury risks of the sport/position   Sport/Athlete Evaluation and Assessment Once you have determined the needs analysis of your selected sport/athlete, you will need to detail AT LEAST 6 (six) different tests or assessments that you would employ as part of a regular testing battery for your team or athlete to monitor progress.  As part of this section, you will need to define the following for each of the tests/assessments that you select:   1. Name and description of how to set-up and perform the test, evaluation, or assessment (a picture or diagram can be included (if necessary) 2. Rationale for utilization of EACH test, evaluation, or assessment as part of your testing battery. 3. Overall, evaluation plan over the course of a calendar year. When will you schedule each testing battery over the course of an entire calendar year and a brief explanation as to why?      Sport/Athlete Program Goals Upon completion of both the needs analysis and the evaluation/assessment information, you will need to detail AT LEAST 6 (six) different training program goals for your team or athlete.  The annual training goals that you develop should be appropriate for your athlete or team based upon your needs analysis and evaluation criteria.  As part of this section, you will need to define the following for each of the training program goals that you select:   1. Description of EACH training goal that you established for your athlete or team. 2. Rationale for EACH training goal that you identify and discuss and how it relates to the sport, team, or athlete that you are working with.    References You will need to include references for the material included in this assignment with citations in APA format (if the references are peer-reviewed publications, online resources, or textbooks).  If any of your references are video-based (e.g. YouTube) you must first check with the instructor to ensure that it is an appropriate resource, then you need to cite the video or blog site with the date of video posting and the date you accessed it along with the URL.  If you have any questions regarding APA citation formatting style (both in-text and reference bibliography), please communicate with your instructor as soon as possible.  
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