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Breaching Sacred Ground: The Dakota Access Pipeline

General: term paper must be - 8-10 (10 would be preferable) pages - Chicago style including in text citations and bibliography (does not have to be an annotated bibliography) - Need at least one source per page - Must use 10 sources, do not accede 12 - Can only use one electronic source - Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins, double spaced What the term paper is about: This term paper is for a class on native american religion in regards to understanding the culture, beliefs, thoughts, and ways of life of native americans. Look at the attached file named “Native American religion Term paper proposal” and read the descriptive paragraph to understand what to write about. Things that I would like you to cover when writing the term paper: - native american beliefs and views on nature and how they differ from mainstream societies (why they feel such a connection to nature and the urge to protect it) - how native american rights have been violated by the government in allowing the pipeline to continue its path through native american land (check the articles from the book native voices that have been attached) - What makes certain land “sacred” to native americans and why must it not be breached - the importance of water and why it is so important in native american religion (check the attached file named “connection between water and wisdom” for further help but also expand on what i have already wrote - why native americans are so adament on protecting their land - The ’black snake prophecy’ (check the attached online article describing the prophecy) a brief paragraph explaining the dakota access pipeline and its protests in the beginning of the term paper to inform a reader who is not aware of the pipeline and its protests - Why it is difficult for mainstream society to understand the pain that the native americans feel when their land is breached - add anything else which pertains to informing the reader on native american ideals, beliefs, religious traditions, etc in regards to the dakota access pipeline. The term paper MUST include quotes and ideas from the books “The Dream of the Earth’’ by Thomas Berry, “Waterlily” by Ella Cara Deloria, “Wisdom Sits in Places” by Keith H. Basso, and two articles from the book “Native Voices” by David Wilkins Since there is no way for me to send you the required books I have attempted to find pdf copies of the books online or some websites that give chapter summaries and explore themes and other stylistic devices in the novel. Also quotes from all of the books can be found in either the pdf copies, the websites, or by quick search on google. Below are two online pdf document for "Wisdom sits in places" Below is an online link giving chapter summaries for "Waterlily" along with the exploration of themes and other stylistic devices The pdf for the 2 articles for the book "Native Voices" is too big so can I just send it to you through email? "The dream of the Earth book pdf is attached below.
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