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Camille’s Children: 31 Miracles and Counting Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation Book Summary The publication “Camille’s Children: 31 Miracles and Counting” by Camille Geraldi is a biography detailing how Camille and her husband’s input in caring for children with Down syndrome. Anyone looking for love finds Camille and her husband Mike love as one heartwarming experience. Published in 1996 in Kansas City the publication is considered among various quarters as an inspirational book through which the writer lifts one up reminding them that there is still some goodness in the world. The publication is told through Camille's voice along with Carol Burris and is founded on how one can look after children and babies with disabilities. The publication looks at the life of every individual in this unique American family as well as why they have unconditional love for & Burris 1966). This is my favorite quote in the publication as it prepares the readers of the generosity care and love Camille had for the children despite them needing specialized attention. The quote goes to show that Camille was not only taking care of the children because she wanted to feel special but because she loved them and as a human being it is the right thing to do. On a five-point scale I would rate the book as a four meaning it is a very good publication and I would recommend it for people to read. References Geraldi C. & Burris C. (1966). Camille's children. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel. Glasson E. J. Dye D. E. & Bittles A. H. (2014). The triple challenges associated with age‐related comorbidities in Down syndrome. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research  58(4) 393-398. [...]

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Title: Camille's Children: 31 Miracles and Counting. I. Book Summary (7 pts) In your own words, summarize the book in one paragraph. Include information about the style of the book, such as biography, autobiography, or a collection of personal stories. Tell who wrote the book and what their relationship was to the main characters. Provide a synopsis of what happens. II. Nature of the communication (or swallowing) disorder (7 pts) Describe the nature of communication disorder(s) exemplified in the book. Use the information that you have learned in class as a guide to your description of the nature of the disorder. Was it a speech, language, or hearing impairment (or combination of these)? What speech processes were disturbed – respiration, phonation, articulation, resonance? Or, was there impairment of language and/or cognitive processes? If it was a hearing loss, tell what type of hearing loss. What caused the communication disorder (etiology)? Did it reflect a congenital, developmental, or acquired condition? Was it due to structural abnormality, neurological impairment, sensory or motor impairment? What communication processes were NOT impaired? Note that you should use appropriate terminology (i.e. the correct terms from class/text) to refer to the nature of the communication or swallowing disorder. SLHS 207 2017 YourFirstname YourLastname SLHS 0207 Fall, 2017 Title and Author of your book  III. Consequences of the communication disorder. (5 pts) Describe what appeared to be both the negative and positive consequences of the communication disorder on the life of the individual and their significant others. IV. Favorite quotation(s) from the book. (4 pts) Provide at least one direct quotation from the book and include the page number (see example of APA format for quotations). Tell why that was your favorite quotation. Example: “With aphasia, one is surprisingly aware that the brain, a marvelously complex mechanism, is finite, while the mind, with its grandeur, wonder, beauty, and haplessly baser attributes, is infinite” (Wulf, 1973, p. 15). Errors in format of quotation (-1). Failure to explain why you appreciated the quotation (-2). V. Rate this book. (1 pt.). Provide comments to explain your rating (2 pts). Why did you like the book? Or what did you not like about the book? Any additional comments can be made here.

Subject Area: Health Care

Document Type: Annotated Bibliography

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