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Scenario and creation of quantitative methods research design (Example)

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OT in Animals Success Author Institution Introduction Neuropeptide oxytocin (OT) has been found to regulate social cognition and behavior in a large range of mammals including human beings (Ross and Young 2009). Due to OT’s ability to stimulate prosocial behavior and cognition research on its usage as a pharmacotherapy to tame social defects linked to some psychiatric defects mainly autism has been enhanced. An example of such researches is the use of aerosolized oxytocin to find out if it increases cerebrospinal fluid oxytocin in male rhesus monkeys. This paper would analysis the research mentioned above. This study finds out that aerosolized (AE) route is the most effective technique of enhancing central oxytocin (OT) concentrations in monkeys suggesting that it could be the most effective method (meaning alternative to intranasal (IN)) of administering OT in human beings. In this study male rhesus monkeys are used to evaluate subject baseline amount in which AE-OT Change in CFS OT could yield a more accurate assessment. In this experiment a clever move was taken to use a between subject design in order to reduce psychological constraints of over-now-and-then collection of CSF. Chang et al research leads to realization that by administering several OT with a nebulizer and not with nasal spray significantly raises OT amount in CSF. References Altner H Altner-Kolnberger I. Freeze-fracture and tracer experiments on the permeability of the zonulae occludentes in the olfactory mucosa of vertebrates. Cell Tissue Res. 1974; 154:51–59. [PubMed] Modi ME Young LJ. The oxytocin system in drug discovery for autism: animal models and novel therapeutic strategies. Horm Behav. 2012; 61:340–350. [PMC free article] [PubMed] Modi M. Connor-Stroud F. Landgraf R. Young L. & Parr L. (2014). Aerosolized oxytocin increases cerebrospinal fluid oxytocin in rhesus macaques. Psychoneuroendocrinology 45 49-57. [...]

Order Description:

Please carefully review the scenario and use the attached article and questions below, and information from your lectures to guide your scenario development. We are not requiring an extensive review of the literature or profound knowledge of specialized methods or techniques, but rather a careful examination of the different components that are in a quantitative article. You should examine the construction of your article and determine if the individual components are clear and convincing and that these components serve to put forth a coherent, useful examination of the research problem. Scenario. Based on the study that you critiqued last week, you have decided to use aerosolized oxytocin to modify macaque behavior. You should review the attached article (Watson and Platt, Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (2012)) for ideas on the kinds of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that can occur in non-human primates and design your experiments to measure some of these aberrant behaviors. You can design a short-term or long-term study with 8-12 normal and 8-12 affected macaques. You can design a study with a single oxytocin concentration or an oxytocin dose response study. You can make this a field study, although it would be easier to conduct in a controlled environment. You can use field notes from yourself and your assistants, use video recordings of the situations, analytical assays and other methods of data collection and analysis. Remember to design the experiment so that you have good controls, can perform a reasonable statistical analysis of your results and can validate your data. 1. Compose the introduction, including the background information about ASDs from the attached article, specific research problem/hypotheses and purpose statement. What are your hypotheses or research problems and are they well defined? Is the purpose of the research clear? Total of 2 points. 2. Compose the materials and methods sections, including the reasoning for (1) the selection and grouping of subjects (2) their treatments (3) the types of instruments and measurements used (4) the selection of the dependent and independent variables. Total of 3 points. 3. Compose the theoretical results, including the types of data analysis and statistics. What types of data presentations (tables, charts, other) do you want to use? Total of 2 points. 4. Compose the discussion, including validation, interpretation, study impact and significance. Were there limitations in the study related to study design, instruments or measurements? How can these problems be resolved? What points do you want to make in the discussion section? What is the significance of this study, both to resolving the specific problem(s) and to more generalized areas of research? Total of 3 points.

Subject Area: Statistics

Document Type: Dissertation

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