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The Midterm Assessment: A Researched Critical Essay

Complete a researched critical essay of a minimum of 1,200 words addressing one of two topics regarding colonial American writers (please see attached for specifics). It must be classic essay structure with all paraphrases, quotes from sources being noted in MLA format. Must include attributive phrases and/or in text citations. Required to obtain at least two sources from the library's databases, such as Literature Resource Center and the History Study Center. As noted above, instructions noting above and more are attached.
Complete a researched critical essay of a minimum of 1,200 words addressing one of two topics regarding colonial American writers (please see attached for specifics). It must be classic essay structure with all paraphrases, quotes from sources being noted in MLA format. Must include attributive phrases and/or in text citations. Required to obtain at least two sources from the library's databases, such as Literature Resource Center and the History Study Center.
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