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SUBJECT AREA Computer Science
CREATED ON 6th November 2017
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Company of Smart House Automation System products

see attachments for more details. text book link: ebook link: Tips Regarding the Content of Each Section of the Term Paper: 1. Overview and Structure of the Business – What is the mission of your organization? How is your organization structured? What are the job roles and responsibilities of the different parts/units or your organization and the different employees of your organization? How do the roles and responsibilities of each unit and/or employee fit together into the mission of your organization? Are there different levels of employees, such as managers and lower level workers who will have different information technology needs? I am looking for a big picture view of your organization in this section. Later in your term paper, you will discuss the information technology of your proposed business in more detail. But here I am just trying to get a big picture of your organization itself and how everybody fits together to fulfill the mission of the organization. The organizational overview section should describe the structure of the business that you are proposing, focusing on the different levels of employees in the organization (upper management, middle management, operational management, and lower level employees, such as production and service workers, and data workers) and their IT needs (chapter 1). Other topics to cover in this section could include a description of the main business processes in your business and the types of information systems and enterprise applications you will need to efficiently run the various business processes (chapter 2), and an analysis of your business against Porter's competitive forces model, along with a recommendation for an appropriate strategy for your organization to gain a competitive advantage (chapter 3).] 2. Your Company’s Infrastructure and Information Systems Needs – Topics to cover in this section include your plan for your company’s IT infrastructure (chapter 5), use of telecommunications, networking and wireless technologies (chapter 7), use of functional information systems, such as production and operations, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, and human resource information systems (chapter 2), use of enterprise applications for supply chain management and customer relationship management (chapter 9), and an analysis of your company’s internal operations against Porter's value chain model, with a recommendation for how IT can be used in your organization's value chain to increase your organization's efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness (chapter 3) 3. Your Company’s Management of Data and Knowledge – Topics to cover in this section include your organization’s current use of data management systems (chapter 6), problems and difficulties faced by your organization in regards to data management (chapter 6), your organization’s procedures for collecting, storing, managing, and updating data (chapter 6), and types of knowledge management systems currently used by your organization (chapter 11) 4. Your Company’s Use of the Internet – Topics to cover in this section include how your organization is affected by the digital economy and what issues they need to consider in regards to doing business in the digital economy (chapter 1), current messaging and collaboration software and Web 2.0 technologies in use by your organization (chapter 10), and your company’s use of e-commerce technologies (chapter 10) 5. Your Company’s IT Planning and Analysis Processes - Topics to cover in this section include your organization’s IT strategy and planning process (chapter 13 and 14), your organization’s use of management decision support and intelligent systems (chapter 12), and your organization’s IT security policy, acceptable use policy, business continuity plan, and disaster recovery plan (chapter 8). Be sure to also take ethical and social issues into consideration in relation to IT planning (chapter 4) 6. Conclusion - In this section, you should summarize the key points you have made in your paper and bring your paper to a close. You may also want to mention any challenges you anticipate facing in implementing the plan you have laid out in this paper, as well as what steps you plan to take to overcome them. APA FORMAT Zero plagiarism
see attachments for more details. text book link: ebook link: Tips Regarding the Content of Each Section of the Term Paper: 1. Overview and Structure of the Business – What is the mission of your organization? How is your organization structured?
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