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Research outline and paper on the Reform Party of the USA

A two-page paper outline. □ Include the three required sources as described in the citations discussion below. □ Proper parenthetical citations must be used throughout the assignment. □ Proper full references at the end of the outline. □ Demonstrate that real work and research has been done on the paper beyond just finding the 3 required sources (e.g., actually read them, selected quotes, etc.). □ Submit to Blackboard as a WORD document. A six-page paper (plus cover and reference page(s)). a. Include one page on each of the following. □ Group’s background. □ Group’s political development and influences that may have affected them. □ Group’s political writings (if any) and / or political contributions or contributions to other fields of study. □ Group’s political achievements (e.g., did the group begin a political trend?). □ Explain where group specifically belongs on the traditional ideological spectrum: radical, liberal, conservative or reactionary. Apply criteria from readings and lectures: traits (left or right), direction and speed of change. b. Citations and References • Fifteen parenthetical citations (NOT SOURCES) throughout the assignment. □ Five citations from a reference material (e.g., encyclopedia). □ Five citations from a historical source (primary or secondary). □ Five citations from a political science journal and / or periodical. • The three sources must come from academic databases not random internet searches. • The three sources and fifteen citations may be exceeded.
A two-page paper outline. □ Include the three required sources as described in the citations discussion below. □ Proper parenthetical citations must be used throughout the assignment. □ Proper full references at the end of the outline.
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