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Document Analysis #2: Sima Qian on Emperor Qin (or Qin ShiHuang, same) Excerpt from Sima Qian on Qin at

using the link below with quotes and appropriate work cited page. I need a document analysis done in 6 hours due today. plagiarism free only two pages and separate page for work cited. below are teacher instructions and link for the excerpt to analyze . to an external site. Emperor Shi Huangdi was able to unify China for one of the first times in its history. In considering his achievements and downfalls, was he an effective ruler? As you read this document please think about how the historian Sima Qian presents Emperor Qin compared to his reputation and legacy. ====== ** Please also note that we are going to use a slightly different submission format this time around. You will be asked to upload your paper to Turnitin. As you click on the button that will appear below, please accept the terms and conditions of Turnitin so your paper uploads. Turnitin is a grading program that also generates a "similarity" report as it checks your paper against all online sources. The program will allow you to review your paper and see where your wording might be too close to those of the sources you have used. Document Analysis Instructions: You are asked to write three document analyses (each 2 pages double-spaced) throughout the semester. You should follow the three steps below in preparing your document analysis. Step One: Introduction: Consider these questions as you read the document and write your introduction: Who is the author? When was it written? What was the purpose of the document? You will need to include some background material to answer these questions. Be sure to include a thesis statement (or problem, mystery, etc.) about which you write. In general, your thesis statement should answer the following: what will this document be able to tell us about people and history? Step Two: Consider 2, or better 3 main paragraphs. You should paraphrase the author’s 2-3 main arguments or positions. You will also want to offer your own interpretation of the material. Quotes should be used as evidence to illustrate your interpretation. In considering your interpretation, evaluate whether or not the author achieved their objective and how well, and consider what we can learn about the society / individual under discussion. Step Three: Review your draft analysis. Your last paragraph is your conclusion and should highlight what we have learned after reading your essay. Ask yourself: What does the evidence say, and what does it not say? How does the document add to the understanding of history and its legacy? Have I documented additional information used? Any subjective or potentially controversial material should include an in-text reference in (Author, year) format. All outside material must be included in a final Reference list at the end of your paper, in APA format with the URL if found online. Please also review BRCC statement on plagiarism. Any copying from any sources will be treated strictly and paper will be given grade of zero. Copying is easy to detect, its cheating, and unfair. Just don't do it. Before submitting: Have you proof-read your paper? Avoid using I, we, and you, but better, persuade your reader by using solid evidence. That means you should re-write any sentence that includes, I believe, or I think, and just explain with evidence.
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