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SUBJECT AREA Engineering
CREATED ON 30th October 2017
COMPLETED ON 31st October 2017
12 offers received.
Expert hired: Tamirah

Mechanical Engineering-Quality Control Lab Reports

I am looking to hire a writer who can write 4 lab reports based on a simple Quality control class. The lab reports are do in 20 hours and i will pay an extra 5$ per report if completed by 4:30 pm tomorrow. Attached is the file for the lab reports. The reports do not have to follow the attached lab report format completely. The labs will not be checked but they need to be somewhat legit and according to my data. Please accept this offer if you are interested in getting hired. I will provide all details
I am looking to hire a writer who can write 4 lab reports based on a simple Quality control class. The lab reports are do in 20 hours and i will pay an extra 5$ per report if completed by 4:30 pm tomorrow. Attached is the file for the lab reports. The reports do not have to follow the attached lab report format completely.
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