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Does Suffering Make Us Stronger and Lead to Success?

This is an Argumentative/Research Essay but does included at least three secondary sources for evidence to support the major claims. Use one Internet source. Include in-text citation and a works cited page. I am agreeing that it does lead to success -Introduction -a clear Thesis of what is going to be talked about in the body paragraphs (Three Supporting point -Conclusion basically repeating everything that was said in the in the introduction, the thesis and body paragraph but just simplifying it instead of rewriting the same thing that was said in the essay.
This is an Argumentative/Research Essay but does included at least three secondary sources for evidence to support the major claims. Use one Internet source. Include in-text citation and a works cited page. I am agreeing that it does lead to success -Introduction -a clear Thesis of what is going to be talked about in the body paragraphs (Three Supporting point -Conclusion basically repeating everything that was said in the in the introduction, the thesis and body paragraph but just simplifying it instead of rewriting the same thing that was said in the essay.
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