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Questions of race in Precious and "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou

Hello, this is an argumentative essay that should have at least five sources for the work cited page.You can either compare or contrast the perspectives taken by the two artifacts or use them as support for claim or rebuttal. Focus on one central question that both the texts address and write an argument either agreeing or criticizing it. You have to have a coherent rebuttal in the paper
Hello, this is an argumentative essay that should have at least five sources for the work cited page.You can either compare or contrast the perspectives taken by the two artifacts or use them as support for claim or rebuttal. Focus on one central question that both the texts address and write an argument either agreeing or criticizing it.
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The essay should be 500+ words, single-spaced in a 12-point font, and conform to MLA or APA styles, including parenthetical citations and footnoted references. The essay should demonstrate understanding and thoughtful reflection on a topic that speaks to the mission of this course. That is, it should reflect your ability to place the topic into the context..

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