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SUBJECT AREA Anthropology
CREATED ON 25th October 2017
COMPLETED ON 1st November 2017
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The different approaches in health care, to prolong life, to the aged in different cultures. 

length of 8-10 pages, excluding cover page. The paper can cover a variety of topics but must focus on issues pertinent to the class (see below). The paper can be of various types: a literature-research paper; an advocacy (opinion-based) paper that is also based in the literature; an examination of an issue or problem, particularly from one’s current, past or anticipated workplace, again with a base in the literature; course is the Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives, and the paper should strongly reflect this.
length of 8-10 pages, excluding cover page. The paper can cover a variety of topics but must focus on issues pertinent to the class (see below). The paper can be of various types: a literature-research paper; an advocacy (opinion-based) paper that is also based in the literature; an examination of an issue or problem, particularly from one’s current, past or anticipated workplace, again with a base in the literature; course is the Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives, and the paper should strongly reflect this.
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