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Social Problem-Social Policy Analysis in Historical Perspective

My topic has to do with child welfare. More in depth, my topic will be about the laws and policies of child abuse and neglect. Length: 10 pages (excluding title, abstract, and reference page) Purpose: The first purpose is for students to become knowledgeable about an area of social work policy and the social problems the policy aims to address in historical perspective in which the student has interest. Increasing expertise in this area will give students a better perspective of the social policy context, prepare students for future courses, internship experiences, and employment. A second purpose is for the student to demonstrate ability to produce a paper in accordance with APA standards. Specific instructions and requirements: 1. INTRODUCTION: Social problem – social policy identification and justification Students will identify and introduce the social policy and the corresponding social problem/s it aims to address; Student will provide an argument about the relevance of the problem and policy. Suggested policy areas for the paper may include but are not limited to: anti-poverty policies: TANF, SNAP, SSI, EITC, housing policies, minimum wage, etc.; health policy: Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP; education policies; civil rights policies; disaster relief policies; child welfare policies; immigration policies: DACA; Each policy responds or target a social problem like poverty, lack of access to affordable housing, proper nutrition, quality education or discrimination in school, at work, based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. 2. SOCIAL PROBLEM-SOCIAL POLICY DESCRIPTION 2.1. Description of the social problem: the problem can be defined as a grievance, as an unmet need, as denial of opportunities, as a form of oppression or discrimination, as life threatening. Quantitative and qualitative data will have to be provided: how many people are affected (what number, what percentage), what particular group is most affected (women, children, single mothers, LGBT, single father, low income families, immigrants, people with disability, southern states, northern states, etc.) Two causal explanations of the problem need to be provided. 2.2. Social Policy Description – specific details about the policy will be provided: supporting legislation, policy goals and objectives, benefits provided, target population and eligibility criteria. Students will also have to provide information on existing evaluation of the policy: does it achieve its goals, where it comes short, whose needs and problems remain unaddressed by the policy, best feature of the policy. 3. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Social Problem and Social Policy in Historical Perspective Students will track the evolution of the policy identifying and briefly discussing two key historical developments that altered (improved or worsened) the social response in the form of social policy to the problem of interest. For each historical development students should address how the problem was perceived, how the problem was addressed, key improvements or key drawbacks, what was the context that made the change possible (social movements, key alliances, political environment, shift in dominant theories, etc) 4.CONCLUSIONS In this section students will discuss lessons learned by exploring the social problem and the social policy in historical perspective: best features of the policy, how change in the realm of social policy happened, what problems remained unaddressed and why, and suggestions for future improvement of the social policy. Literature review guidelines: 1. Outside of the historical perspective students should make sure they use current literature (within past 5-7 years) 2. Make sure that you use professional literature searching scholarly or government websites in addition to other sources 3. A minimum of 7 professional references (4 of which must be peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles (the textbook does not count as a reference) 4. Write in compliance to APA standards 5. Type paper with Times New Roman 12-point font Format: 1. Title page 2. Abstract (Brief, comprehensive summary of the research paper; abstracts are not to exceed 120 words) 3. Introduction: Introduce the topic; formulate the research question for the paper; discuss pertinent information that justifies or explains the importance of your topic 4. Literature Review: “Answer” the research question for the paper. Cite references only on works pertinent to specific issue(s); avoid nonessential detail (stay focused); emphasize pertinent findings and major conclusions; 5. Conclusion: Provide an appropriate summary or conclusion to the paper. References: All citations in the paper must appear in the reference list, and all references must be cited in the text; the reference should be listed in accordance with APA standards.
My topic has to do with child welfare. More in depth, my topic will be about the laws and policies of child abuse and neglect. Length: 10 pages (excluding title, abstract, and reference page) Purpose: The first purpose is for students to become knowledgeable about an area of social work policy and the social problems the policy aims to address in historical perspective in which the student has interest. Increasing expertise in this area will give students a better perspective of the social policy context, prepare students for future courses, internship experiences, and employment.
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