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Historiographical Eassy on The Atlantic Slave Trade

Historiographical Essay – The African Slave Trade: A historiographical essay summarizes and analyzes interpretations of scholars on a given issue or topic. For this assignment, your assigned topic will be the African Slave Trade. The historiographical essay is a special type of analytical writing that only considers secondary sources – available through the online library EBSCO, JSTOR and ProQuest databases, among others – and traces how historians have interpreted this topic over time. Essays will be a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 3,500 words and include a minimum of 25 relevant secondary sources. The grading rubric for this assignment is attached below. For additional guidance, a sample historiographical essay – Eric Foner's "Reconstruction Revisited" – is also attached. Note that the reference citations are not to be included in the word count, and the essays shall be typed, double-spaced, and in a 12-point Times New Roman font. Citations are required and must follow the Chicago footnote/bibliography citation protocols. Additionally, follow the formatting as put forth in the attached (below) guide: Sample Formatting Chicago Style Essay. Note that annotation is not required for the Historiographical Essay. Regarding Internet sources to be used citation purposes, acceptable sites include scholarly websites and documents available through the APUS Online Library, or other academic and governmental holdings, libraries, archives and databases. For our purposes, Wikipedia (as well as the other “Wiki” sites) is not considered a valid academic source. Further note that as graduate students, it is your responsibility to ensure the proper formatting for your bibliography and footnote entries.
Historiographical Essay – The African Slave Trade: A historiographical essay summarizes and analyzes interpretations of scholars on a given issue or topic. For this assignment, your assigned topic will be the African Slave Trade. The historiographical essay is a special type of analytical writing that only considers secondary sources – available through the online library EBSCO, JSTOR and ProQuest databases, among others – and traces how historians have interpreted this topic over time. Essays will be a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 3,500 words and include a minimum of 25 relevant secondary sources.
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