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Control Mechanisms of Israel in the Israel-Palestinan Conflicts with focus on economic perspective

The research paper (15pages, double-spaced) has to be written in the course of Macro-Political Regulations of Ethnic Conflicts. It should be about the control mechanisms Israel with special focus on the economic perspective. The paper should contain a theoretical part about control in general in modern politics (types, symptoms, mechanisms of control) and a part about how Israel has political control about the Westbank (!!) with its mechanisms. Further, the economic perspective should be explained (water/gas) in conjunction with the Westbank!
The research paper (15pages, double-spaced) has to be written in the course of Macro-Political Regulations of Ethnic Conflicts. It should be about the control mechanisms Israel with special focus on the economic perspective. The paper should contain a theoretical part about control in general in modern politics (types, symptoms, mechanisms of control) and a part about how Israel has political control about the Westbank (!!) with its mechanisms. Further, the economic perspective should be explained (water/gas) in conjunction with the Westbank!
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